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How Travis Scotts Fortnite skin became famous – why it is banned

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Travis Scott Fortnite skin- The Travis Scott Fortnite skin is quite possibly the most uncommon thing. However, numerous players are contemplating whether it will return as its vault for over two years.

Travis Scott was possibly the earliest skin in the Fortnite Icon Series and one of the leading live shows in any computer game. Notwithstanding, that was quite a while in the past, and things have changed from that point forward.

Last year, Travis Scott became entangled in contention after fans, unfortunately, kicked the bucket at an Astroworld occasion. In misfortune, Scott has become a questionable figure after his job (or deficiency in that department).

From that point forward, Epic Games started reducing most, if not all, connections with the rapper. The organization needs to move as distant from the episode as possible; it appears that the devs are proceeding to do that by restricting the skin.

Fortnite keeps on limiting any association with Travis Scott after misfortune

Not long before the New Year, Fortnite posted a survey in their Discord asking players which Icon Series skins they would use out of the accompanying:

Fortnite Travis Scott Skin Leaked - Prima Games

Neymar Jr

Loser Fruit







Major Lazer

Ariana Grande

J Balvin

Harry Kane

Marco Reus

LeBron James

It was a volatile issue, and indeed, Epic Games spent quite a while bantering on what to do. But, at last, the devs concluded it was ideal to feel free to continue from Travis Scott and eliminate the beauty care products from the storage spaces.

Will it ever return to the game?

Legendary Games has attempted to remove Fortnite from Travis Scott, which is why the outfit has been delivering for so long.

On January 1, 2022, the authority Discord record of the distributor posted a survey requesting that loopers pick their #1 Icon Series skins for the new year. All the Icon Series skins were on the rundown, except the Travis Scott Fortnite skin.

It is extraordinary and wasn’t fate. However, there is a justification for why Epic chose to preclude the well-known rapper’s skin from the rundown, which is the discussion that has encircled him since late 2021.

Travis Scott stood out as truly newsworthy after the occurrence at his Astro world show in Houston, Texas. Various individuals passed on at the show, and nearly everybody faulted the craftsman for this misfortune.

Removing Fortnite from Travis was the right move in those days, as Epic would have instead not engaged with any discussion. But, unfortunately, there have likewise been gossipy tidbits about the game engineer affronting discounts for the famous outfit, although there has been no authority affirmation.

The Travis Scott Fortnite skin will doubtlessly return to the game sooner or later. So it will not be astonishing if Epic holds up one more little while before delivering it back to the Item Shop.

Travis Scott Fortnite skin is essential

The famous craftsman has one of the most impressive-looking skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. But, of course, it depends on his looks and different styles that make it shockingly better.

The Travis Scott Fortnite skin formed on April 22, 2020, during the Astronomical live occasion and became very famous. In Fortnite history and helped deal with the performer’s Fortnite outfit and plays of his most current melody that showed up on occasion.

Tragically, the Travis Scott Fortnite skin has just been out once in the Item Shop. When it was first delivered, it remained in the shop for six days and was not received.

As of July 15, 2022, the outfit hasn’t been out for 804 days, making it one of the computer game’s most extraordinary and essential skins. Right now, it could turn into the most uncommon Item Shop skin ever, soaring its deals when and on the off chance it returns.

Is Travis Scott an uncommon skin in Fortnite?

It tends to be bought from the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks when recorded. Nowhere first added Travis Scott to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. Travis Scott hasn’t found it in some time, which implies it very well may be uncommon!

Could you, at any point, actually wear the Travis Scott skin in Fortnite?

Fortnite keeps Travis Scott’s skin forever from their game; here’s why. Travis Scott was possibly the earliest skin in the Fortnite Icon Series and one of the leading live shows in any computer game. That was quite a while in the past, and things have changed from that point forward.

When was Travis Scott Fortnite skin rearward in the Item Shop?

His keep-going appearance was on June 13, 2021, near the arrival of his most recent collection. It could imply that Travis Scott will return around the arrival of his next project. The Mashmello Bundle have a refresh. The reality of the situation will surface finally when or, on the other hand, assuming these melodic geniuses will return.


Devices running 64-bit Android with an ARM64 CPU, Android OS 8.0 or higher, at least 4GB of RAM, and one of the following GPUs can play the high-loyalty game Fortnite: At least 530 Adreno 530. Mali G72 MP12 or higher; Mali G71 MP20.

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