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Riverside Health Club – Riverside Health Club focuses on giving a casual, well-disposed, and non-scaring air where our clients can zero in on their wellness objectives. Our full help, grown-up just health and wellness office takes care of an expert group who are not searching for “simply one more exercise centre” but looking for an encounter that meets their particular necessities.

Additionally, Our group of health experts and staff efforts offer an even way to deal with a functioning and reliable way of life and fitness.

Firstly, Wayne Redmond opened the Riverside Fitness centre in Rawtenstall in 2015, and alongside his accomplice, Lisa Camps, delighted in long stretches of blissful recollections and a great business.

Secondly, Not long before Walk 2020, the couple were going to hit an achievement focus of having 1,000 individuals on their books – and afterwards, the world shut down.

Since, A mix of the Covid pandemic that year matched with another chain wellbeing focus opening close by saw business drop-off to impractical levels for the pair, who left with no choice but to close.

The Riverside Health Club’s history

According, to Mr Redmond, ex-military and has consistently worked in wellness, expressed: “January to Spring is a rec centre’s most active time. I’d be gazing toward the line of our treadmills and see two individuals utilizing them – it was crippling.

Even though, “We believed we would have the option to return after the Covid pandemic and limitations lifted. However, the new focus opening just demonstrated a lot for us.

Nowhere, “They’ve opened an extraordinary office, ready to drop to a low cost. But, unfortunately, they are a significant administrator, and we can’t contend.

“Stopping is not in my tendency, so this has been a hard choice to make.”

Although, The couple caused the declaration of their tragic news via online entertainment yesterday, and many individuals have offered kind expressions of help since finding out.

Similarly, Posting on Facebook, they expressed: “It’s with great misery that starting today Riverside Fitness centre will be shutting its entryways for the last time.

“We might want to thank all our staff and individuals at various times for your help during the most recent seven years.


Now here, Riverside Health Club has various ways of assisting you with remaining fit through many workouts! Something you’ve never attempted before could turn into your next wellness energy! Even though,  It’s likewise an excellent method for meeting new companions! All Gathering Activity classes incorporate a standard enrollment to Riverside Wellbeing Wellness Center.

Whereas, Our Gathering Activity Class Timetables change a few times each year to furnish you with different times and classes. Click on the pictures beneath to see, download and print the ongoing timetables for Land and Amphibian Classes.

Land Health Class Portrayals:

Sweat. over 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of unity preparing and 20 minutes of centre and extending.

Barre Consume. This crossover exercise joins expressive dance-propelled moves with components of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength preparation. Barre likewise centres around high reps of little-reach developments. A yoga mat requires.

Boxing. Here, a 60-min class will work your body and brain! The course will incorporate a serious cardio warm-up, customary punch combos, timespans, and centre work.

Power Pedal/Ascent and Ride. Saddle up and encounter these classes to consume calories and increment perseverance. Pedal through slope climbs, runs and other testing drills.

Cardio Kickboxing. Hand-to-hand fighting style cardio exercise that further develops perseverance and coordination. Learn appropriate methods for punches and kicks. All levels are welcome. Gloves required.

Delicate Joints. This Joint pain Establishment Exercise class is planned explicitly for people with joint inflammation. Low-influence exercises assist you with keeping up with, by and large, muscle strength and work on joint adaptability and scope of movement.

Delicate Yoga. This class comprises soft standing, situated and leaned back postures to extend the skeletal muscles and loosen up the sensory system. It is proper for all levels, particularly seniors, pregnant ladies and those recuperating from injury.

Bunch Centergy. Bunch Centergy will assist you with becoming more grounded with a strengthening hour-long brain/body exercise. It consolidates Yoga and Pilates basics with athletic preparation for balance, portability, adaptability and the centre. Emotive music drives the experience as you inhale and sweat through the full-body wellness venture.

Bunch Power. Bunch Power will shoot every one of your muscles with a high-rep weight lifting exercise utilizing flexible hand weight plates and body weight. It joins squats, rushes, presses and twists with coordinated practical works out.

HIIT Fit. A thorough stretch preparation grouping with focused energy works out. Fabricates cardiovascular wellness while working on muscular strength and perseverance.

Versatility 101. Further, develop scope of movement and stance while mitigating a few regular throbbing painfulness. These activities incorporate adaptability, equilibrium, malleability and strength. This blend will assist with diminishing muscle strain, decrease the chance of injury and permit quicker in the middle between exercises.

Step and Strength. Arranged to high-energy music, this step and strength class offers excellent exercise! This meeting likewise centres around stomach work to finish a whole-body workout.

Step Spans. You can expect a combination of energetic, cadenced venturing with squat and thrust examples to work the legs. Nowhere, Joined with developments like burpees, pushups and weight plate works out. The outcome is a tomfoolery, elevating, full-body exercise!

Oceanic Class Portrayals:

Water Training camp. Focused energy preparing to focus on all aspects of your body! Be ready to sweat even in the pool!

Water Barre. This class centres around postural strength, arrangement, adaptability and equilibrium. It is an excellent class for those hoping to extend and tone muscles; however, I need to avoid weight on the joints.

Circuit Fit. Energize your preparation with this high-voltage cardio and strength preparation arrangement in the pool.

Profoundly Fit—deep water running and heading out to challenge your body, centre muscles and your endurance.

Power Wave. An extreme water exercise with span preparation, plyometrics and power moves to work on cardiovascular wellness, strong perseverance, strength and adaptability.

Senior Fit. An agreeable, safe activity program that spotlights muscular and joint solidarity to work on the exhibition of everyday exercises.

Extreme Stretches. Different oceanic preparation choices to do a challenging high-level wellness workout!


Finally, As an organization show to nearby families, clubs focus on assisting you with reaching your objectives. They don’t simply maintain that you should be a part; it needs you getting RESULTS! So, a devotee to giving a climate that further develops lives.

However, That implies that we dedicate to eliminating boundaries. Although, Your enrollment incorporates 100+ classes/week that take you through a tomfoolery and testing exercise without any readiness on your part. Need responsibility? Atlast, They have an application. Need to stir it up? So, They have racquetball, water volleyball, individual preparation, and so on. In addition, Need sustenance direction? I will have that as well! If you’re prepared to quit fooling around with your wellbeing, this is where you should be.”

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