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Fenty Beauty Skin Tint  Blurring by Rihanna Eaze Drop

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Fenty Beauty Skin Tint-A Fenty Beauty skin tint that delivers smooth instantly blurred skin in just a few easy drops.In 25 flexible shade options.

The Fenty Excellence Eaze Drop Obscuring Skin Color is a light to medium inclusion obscuring skin colour which is lightweight and comes in 25 shades. There’s a changing table between the standard Fenty establishment endlessly shades of this skin colour, yet since the inclusion is light, there are fewer shades than in the establishments. I got the shade two since I, as a rule, have concealed 150, which means it. It’s fair-light, and it has a decent nonpartisan connotation. It’s my ideal pair. It retails for 790 Crowns.

The blur is natural. Rihanna wanted to create a light coverage, easy-to-apply, flexible skin tint that instantly evens out your complexion and gives a flattering blurred effect. Eaze drop, with hydrating Quick Blur complex, is perfect for no make-up look or when you want to look effortlessly.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint ⋆

Put together 25 flexible shade options for all.

  • -Instant, blurring skin tint in 25 flexible shades
  • -Building light to medium extended wear coverage
  • -With Quickblur complex for a hydrating, diffused effect
  • -Smooth texture that layers well with primer and skincare
  • -Applies well with fingers or brush
  • -Humidity-, sweat, and transfer-resistant formulas.

The most effective method to utilize:

Shake well and apply a few drops with fingers or the full-bodied Establishments Brush 110. You made for layering with your skincare and preliminary.

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty-free.

Fenty Excellence Eaze Drop Obscuring Skin Color is a fluid establishment with a typical completion and sheer inclusion that retails for $29.50 and contains 1.08 oz. ($27.31 per ounce). There are 25 shades in our data set.

Leap to a specific segment on the off chance that you understand what data you’re searching!




PromotED AS A LIGHTWEIGHT, Versatile, Clouding SKIN Variety THAT Is Easy TO WEAR AND Rapidly Darkens YOUR SKIN. I’LL Isolate Cost, Packaging, THE CASES AND WHETHER IT Fulfills THEM, Notwithstanding A WEAR TEST. LIKE THIS, Could WE GET INTO IT?


The Fenty Excellence Eaze Drop Obscuring Skin Color is £25 for 32ml. It works out to be £0.78 per ml.

The typical establishment is 30 ml, so you get more items with this skin colour. Since this is light to medium inclusion, you might utilize more than you would with a solid medium inclusion item. Notwithstanding, I typically don’t develop things, so I just used a pea-measured sum.


This skin colour arrives in a durable crush bottle. Unfortunately, for specific establishments/skin colours that accompany little spouts and press bottles, the item spills into the top when you shake them. With the Eaze Drop, this doesn’t occur, which is a reward!

I love the appearance of this jug, and it’s essential yet unique. The spout is little so that you can get an exact sum out. It doesn’t splatter or shoot out. It’s smooth, and I believe if the container was delicate, it could come spouting out as the item is very runny.

Another issue with bundling like this is loads of air caught in the cylinder. Glad to report no such issues with this colour!

There are 25 adaptable shades of Eaze Drop in light, medium and profound, considering connotations. It is an incredible reach of colour lotion when more than one shade will probably work. In addition, the brand contains the hydrating QuickBlur complex to obscure blemishes while allowing your skin to radiate through. It’s a method for a night out with your complexion without concealing your spots.


The Eaze Drop Obscuring Skin Color comes in 25 shades. Fenty is known for its great shade runs, and Their establishments come in 50 shades ordinarily. Be that as it may, conceals will often be more adaptable with a lighter inclusion item. Fenty presented a convenient diagram to assist you with finding a shade match on the off chance that you now have one in their Hydrating or Matte establishments.

I think the shade range is very significant. There is a leap between probably the most attractive shades, and several light/medium shades are practically indistinguishable. The reach is a tiny, medium shade weighty, yet I figure they’ve worked effectively with deep shade. The most profound shade is genuinely profound, which is perfect.

It is shade 1. It says that cover 1 is for cool/nonpartisan connotations. Conceal two for nonpartisan suggestions, yet it looked excessively dim for me and excessively warm. I’m a genuinely unbiased person, and anything too pink or yellow looks truly crazy on me. So I would agree that conceal 1 is a darn decent counterpart for myself, and I would agree that it’s unbiased. On the other hand, it doesn’t look excessively pink or warm.


In a split second, obscured skin in only a couple of drops Light to medium inclusion HydraBlend complex for a “hydrating and diffused impact.” Smooth surface that layers with skincare and preliminaries Move, mugginess and sweat safe

Levels out colouring

You truly need a couple of drops to cover your entire face, which is, to some degree, obscuring. It’s anything but an enchanted wand; if you have huge pores, you’ll, in any case, have noticeable pores. Notwithstanding, it smooths over the pores and doesn’t simply sit/pool in them. So indeed, it doesn’t make the pores self-evident. Subsequently, I’d concur it obscures marginally.


This item, notwithstanding, appears to be identical, be it with fingers or brush application which dazzles me in itself since I regularly consistently need to utilize a brush and wipe.

Since this is an initial feeling, rather than an all-out survey, I would like to return after testing with different groundworks to refresh you on how it wears. Therefore, until further notice, I utilized the Fenty Magnificence Star Filt’r Hydrating Groundwork for this wear test.

I did an 8-hour wear test alongside a boxing exercise and a night stroll with my better half, so it didn’t have a simple day!

The Fenty Excellence Eaze Drop Obscuring Skin Color wore flawlessly for close to 7 hours before turning out to be somewhat more noticeable around the lower part of my nose and on my jawline. It began to isolate marginally and look a little heavier on the skin. However, it kept my oils straight all around well. I didn’t set this skin colour as I needed to perceive how it wore alone. I wasn’t excessively glossy or sleek before the day was over.

Anyway, Do You want This Skin Color?

I’m genuinely intrigued with this skin colour. It’s so lightweight, and the surface is beautiful and smooth. No, it doesn’t wear the longest on my skin, yet while it is thriving, it’s shocking on the skin! It truly is the ideal base item for a hotter climate. It looks gorgeous after several hours when your regular oils look through a smidgen. I never got very slick with this item. A bit came through. But, it added to the thing regardless.

I was likewise truly dazzled with how it wore through my exercise. I even tapped my brow or my lip a couple of times. Since I was sweating, it didn’t move or vanish. After I chilled off, it seemed like I hadn’t done anything over strolling around the house!

List of used products

  • e.l.f. Prep and Obscure Stick
  • Colourpop Pretty Crisp Hydrating Hyaluronic Corrosive Groundwork
  • Fenty Magnificence Eaze Drop Obscuring Skin Color, conceal 2
  • Embodiment Stay Natural+ Concealer, conceal 30 Ashy Naked
  • Marc Jacobs End goal Idealizing Coconut Setting Powder, conceal 24 Undetectable
  • Substance Skin Lovin’ Delicate Mineral Powder, conceal 01 Clear
  • Fenty Excellence Cheeks Out Free-form Cream Blush, conceal Fuego Flush
  • Fenty Excellence Cheeks Out Free-form Cream Bronzer, conceal 03 Macchiato
  • Maybelline Forehead Ultra Thin Pencil, conceal Blonde
  • Milani Weekend Temple Eyebrow Color, conceal 120 Delicate Brown

Benefit 24-HR Temple Fenty Beauty Skin Tint

  • Substance I <3 Variety Escalating Eyeshadow Base
  • Catrice 5 in a Container Little Eyeshadow Range, 030 Warm Zest Look
  • Crude Magnificence Kristi x Colour pop Super Shock Shadow, conceal Olympic
  • Crude Excellence Kristi x Colour pop Creme Gel Liner, conceal Woodsy
  • Gabriella Salvete Fluid Eyeliner Waterproof, conceal 02
  • Maybelline High as can be Mascara, conceal 01 Dark
  • Unrest Bronzer Reloaded, conceal Occasion Sentiment
  • By Excellence Straight Powder Blusher, conceal Sweet
  • Rival Loves Me Brilliant Tune Face Range, conceal 03
  • Sephora #Lipstories Demulcent, conceal 8 Dumping Class


Thus, I had exceptionally blended sentiments about this item for some time; however, I believe I’m prepared to make a few ends. Finally, it takes a little to become accustomed. I had a terrible habit of involving a similar sum as I would with an establishment. You want significantly less of this item, so keep it basic and utilize a smidgen at a time. I love the shade range, and the shade planning they did with their unique establishment conceals, so finding a match is exceptionally simple.

In favour utilizing devices, so a brush or a wipe was typically my energy. However, it mixes all around nicely, looks incredibly regular, and functions admirably with fingers. I could do without applying anything that way. However, I could not keep it unset because it feels a little tacky on the skin in the event that you don’t powder it.

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