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Whatsapp-Spy-App-you-can-Trust– Now a days whatsapp-spy-app-you-can-trust? No,  WhatsApp is the main instant messaging platform used to chat, share photos and videos, send documents, etc.

The app is used by billions of people around the world. The reason why it has such a large user base is that WhatsApp can be blindly trusted when it comes to privacy.

But can we trust the people who use WhatsApp, just as we trust WhatsApp? Obviously not. It is for this very reason that many parents are uncomfortable allowing their children to use WhatsApp.

So what should we do now? Well, spying on your child’s or lover’s WhatsApp account is the only option left.

Now, since we are talking about monitoring, there are hundreds of options available. So which one should you choose?

Just as you prefer WhatsApp to send text messages, you can choose Kids Guard Pro to monitor.

Kids Guard for WhatsApp is a Whatsapp spy app that gives you instant updates of all the activities going on in someone’s WhatsApp account without rooting the phone. It ensures that nothing  miss while tracking the respective WhatsApp account, be it text messages, photos, videos or even WhatsApp calls.

Anti Spy & Unseen for WhatsApp – Apps on Google Play

How to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages and calls without rooting?

Kids Guard Pro for WhatsApp is really easy to use and provides an interface that makes monitoring WhatsApp very simple.

To spy on Instagram, the first thing you need to do to use the app is to purchase its services and follow the on-screen wizard to install the app on the device you want to spy on.

After completing the installation process and logging into the app portal, you will be taken to the app control panel.

The Kids Guard dashboard is a place where you can see all the basic information related to the WhatsApp of the cell phone to be spied on.

At the top, you’ll see basic information about your plan and some basic information about your partner’s cell phone. Whatsapp-Spy-App-you-can-Trust will be appear.

Under Account Information & Requests, you’ll see information such as account ID, notification email, plan (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), plan expiration date, and auto-renewal (whether on or off). disabled).

How to spy on WhatsApp messages

The main reason for using WhatsApp is relates to chatting and having a text conversation. So the first feature of Kids Guard for WhatsApp that you should know about is monitoring your WhatsApp chats.

The feature is just below the Dashboard option and you need to click on it to get a list of all the WhatsApp messages that your partner shares with other people.

On the left side, you will see the names of all the contacts that share a WhatsApp conversation with your partner. Clicking on any of the contacts will reveal all the messages exchange.

Once Kids Guard for WhatsApp is installs on your device, you will be able to see all the conversations, even if they are from previous years. Whatsapp-Spy-App-you-can-Trust

You should know that the name of the contact and the conversations between the monitored cell phone and that contact will not be reveals until that WhatsApp chat is opens on the monitored device. Once you open the chat, even just once, after installing the spy app, all the messages will be update automatically. For example, there is an old WhatsApp conversation between Sam and the person being monitor. After installing Kids Guard for WhatsApp, there is no new chat between Sam and the victim, who also did not open that old chat. Therefore, you will not be able to see this chat in the portal. But once the monitor person opens Sam’s chat, all old and new WhatsApp messages between them can be views remotely in your Kids Guard Pro account.

Every word your partner sends or receives can be quickly displays on the portal with 100% accracy.

With each conversation, you will see the date and time attached to the messages. The time and date you will see are completely accurate.

Using the search bar that appears at the top of each conversation, you can search for words that you think might reveal important information. These words can be, for example, dates, go out, meet, catch up, drugs, etc.

But keep in mind that the search bar is case sensitive. So if the user types ‘quote’ and searches for ‘quote’, they won’t see any results.

You can use the sync button to update new chats whenever you want to check your conversation.


Monitoring WhatsApp in Kids Guard Pro is, above all, relatively easy. You just need to register and install the app on the target cell phone and start monitoring. Whatsapp-Spy-App-you-can-Trust ,Going to the selected section will reveal the information in that section.

In our tests, some sections failed to update data at all. However, your case may work just fine.

However, the sections you mainly want to spy on are WhatsApp chats and calls. They are working perfectly. All messages sent or receives are monitored with the exact date and time of sending or receiving.

And the updates in all departments were quick. So if you need to monitor someone’s WhatsApp, Kids Guard Pro for WhatsApp is worth a try.

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