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Best Power Strips with USB-c power strip All Your Devices

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USB-c power strip-These days, smartphones, laptops, headphones, and tablets all have one thing in common: a USB-C  power strip . You’ll need a power strip that can charge them all and keep you going all day.

What to Look for in a USB-C Power Strip:

With most of our technology powered by USB-C ports, we’ve come a long way in the way we charge our devices. That means you might want to start considering investing in a power strip that can charge your USB-C devices.

There are many options in the market, but you don’t want to get anything out of date. Here are some key factors to consider when comparing prices:

Shakti: Hey, it’s in the name. It doesn’t matter how many ports your power strip has if

it takes five hours to charge your Fitbit. A strip that only has a 5-watt USB-C port will only take advantage of small things like your wireless headphones. If you’re looking for more power, you’ll need something in the 20 to 30 watt range.

Number of Ports: The more harbors you have on your power strip, the more things you can take advantage of. With all the technology in the average home, more USB ports is always a better option. Try to capture at least two USB-C ports on your strip.

Durability: We expect our technology to have the durability of a Nokia flip phone, and our power strips should be no exception. Any good buy should be one that lasts for a long period of time. Make sure the bandage you buy is durable and will last in any home or office.

Safety: The last thing you need to worry about is whether your power strip will explode in mid use. Safety should always be a concern, and attention should be paid to surge protection and overheat protection. Not all USB-C power strips verify all security features, so keep that in mind when you find the right one.

Best Overall: EHO USB-C Power Strip

If you need a power strip that does all right, you’ll want to check out the EHO USB-C Power Strip. This piece of technology combines power, versatility, and durability, making it the perfect choice for everyday use.

The EHO power strip comes with 10 wide-range AC ports for expansion of up to three channels. The output end of each side is some distance from each other if you are using an overload block. The top of the strip features three USB-A and three USB-C ports, giving you more options when using cables. 20 watts of power safeguards your devices charge at blazing speeds, and the built-in 4500J overcharge protection keeps you safe. With a six-foot postponement cord for easy access, this power tool works well in any environment.

Best Budget: Beat Table Charging Station USB-c power strip

We all deal with the impact of the cheap, but that shouldn’t mean you have to cut angles. Luckily, there’s the One Beat Desktop Charging Position to help meet your needs.

This power strip gives you all you need at a wallet-friendly price. On top of this strip are three AC outlets that can handle up to 1625W/13A. Three USB-A ports are located above the AC ports, each of these ports providing 5V/2.4A charging for the recording technology. The power strip also comes with USB-C power – not ideal, but certainly appreciated – and runs at a maximum of 5V/3A. The power cord comes with a 5-foot woven extension cord made of pure copper, so your cord will last longer and your devices will charge faster. Not bad for budget users,


These days, smartphones, laptops, headphones, and tablets all have one thing in common: a USB-C charging port. You’ll essential a power strip that can charge them all and keep you going all day.

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