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Escapada De Un Día Para Ver El Macaco Japonés Con Almuerzo De Sukiyaki Incluido

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Escapada De Un Día Para Ver El Macaco Japonés Con Almuerzo De Sukiyaki Incluido – This day trip is perfect for nature lovers who want to see the Japanese macaque, also known as the snow monkey, in its natural habitat. The tour includes visiting Jigokudani Monkey Park, a collection of outdoor onsen (hot springs) located 2,789 feet (850 meters) above sea level.

The Japanese macaque is a unique monkey species known for its ability to survive in cold climates. These monkeys are often seen bathing in the hot springs of Jigokudani Monkey Park, which helps them stay warm in the winter.

The tour begins with a pick-up from your hotel in Tokyo. You will then travel to Jigokudani Monkey Park by bus or train. Once you arrive at the park, you will have time to explore and take photos of the monkeys. You may also see other wildlife in the park, such as deer and birds.

After exploring the park, you will enjoy a traditional Japanese sukiyaki lunch. Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish with thinly sliced beef, vegetables, and tofu. It is a delightful and hearty meal, perfect for a cold day.

After lunch, you will return to Tokyo by bus or train. The trip ends with a drop-off at your hotel.

Discovering Japanese Macaques

Discovering Japanese MacaquesLocation: Jigokudani Park

Our getaway begins in the picturesque Jigokudani Park in the Nagano region. This park, known as “Hell Valley,” is famous for its hot springs and Japanese macaques’ natural habitat. Get ready to witness these intelligent primates enjoying a calming bath in the hot springs, a scene that will transport you to the authenticity of wildlife.

Macaque Observation Route

After arriving at the park, we will get on a short walk along well-maintained trails that will take us directly to the area where macaques usually congregate. Along the way, you will be able to like the natural beauty of the surrounding area, including dense forests and the serene beauty of the valley.

Feeding Curiosity

Feeding Curiosity

Once we arrive at the macaque viewing area, you can observe their playful and social behavior up close. Park caretakers will be on hand to provide fascinating information about the lives of these primates and answer any questions you may have. Get ready to capture unforgettable moments with your camera!

Sukiyaki Lunch

After an exciting morning, we’ll head to a traditional Japanese restaurant to enjoy a sukiyaki lunch. This delicious dish consists of thin strips of meat (traditionally beef) cooked in a pan with vegetables, tofu, and konjac noodles; all dipped in a tasty mixture of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. The experience of savoring sukiyaki will immerse you even further in Japanese food culture.

Practical Tips for the Getaway

Comfortable Clothing: Due to the walk and the climate variability, it recommend to wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.

Camera and Binoculars: Be sure to bring a camera to capture the magical moments with the macaques. Binoculars can also be useful for closer viewing.

Respect for Nature: Visitors encourage to respect the natural environment and follow park guidelines to ensure the safety of visitors and the macaques.


This day trip combines the thrill of watching Japanese macaques in their natural habitat with the culinary delight of a sukiyaki lunch. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, learn about the fascinating life of macaques, and delight your palate with authentic Japanese cuisine. It is an experience that you will remember forever!

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