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3-levels-of-the-internet-The Internet is a system of inter connects computer networks that has  3-levels-of-the-internet that originate in the mid-Cold War, in the 1960s by the well-known DARPA, the United States Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. Create in 1989 by scientist Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, a nuclear research laboratory near Switzerland, WWW or World Wide Web are the HTML and HTTP protocols that browsers use to communicate with servers.

What is Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web? | by Hackers League | Medium

Web or Surface Internet

The most use metaphor to describe the different levels of the network is to imagine it as an iceberg or a straight sea, now that we are already in the heat of summer. Imagine that you are on the beach and you are diving into the water. 3-levels-of-the-internet,The surface you swim on or the iceberg you see from afar is the surface of the Internet, what you see and browse every day, everything is accessible through a search engine like Google or Bing and browsers like the old Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. , etc. When you read this news, or shop on Amazon, you can access Twitter, stream on YouTube, chat on Messenger, all swimming on the web, which is basically 4-5% of the total World Wide Web that exists, “barely” 1 billion sites Adds up to 17-20 TB of data.

deep web

It’s time to dive below the surface, put on a snorkel and dive a few meters into the deep net or the deep net, the invisible part of the iceberg that the Titanic hit, and basically everything that cannot be discover with the usual search. engines on the Internet, which Google and its partners have not yet index. Deep web data is data that is still publicly available, although private access is require to access it. We’re talking about private databases like hospital databases, academic records, social security data, your Instagram photos, and things that require credentials like the password you use. By accessing your email, bank account, etc. The Deep Web is values to between 500 and 5,000 times larger than the Surface Internet, with around 600 billion web pages and documents weighing around 7,500 terabytes.

dark web

To see the remains of the Titanic you have to descend approximately 3 hours about 3 kilometers, towards an area of ​​​​the ocean where sunlight does not reach. The Dark Web, a part of the Deep Web design to be more invisible, accessible only using technology creates by military researchers in the 1990s, to allow intelligence agencies to transmit data and reports using the Internet but anonymously, untrackes by users Nickname the ‘Onion Router’. 3-levels-of-the-internet,The Onion Router for its multi-layer encryption system is generally known by another name, TOR, and it sure sounds familiar if you’re a fan of a series like House of Cards. .

Impossible to index, this anonymous network was born with a laudable purpose, but has become an ideal place for illegal activities without the risk of being caught. Intelligence agencies operate on the Dark Web and can be use in situations like communicating with the outside world in an area with an oppressive regime that controls the surface internet, but it’s also a huge black market for everything from mercenaries, hackers, and assassins. Those who publish their list of fees including buying and selling any type of drug, sites with violent content, torture, child pornography, sale of weapons, exploitation and robots to those who want to engage in cybercrime, movement of large amounts of digital money that leaves no trace , sale of forged documents, forums of terrorist and extremist groups, etc.


There are also so-called “spots”, which are fake websites that are intentionally creates by agencies such as the FBI or the CIA to immediately “hunt” those who are looking for illegal content. It is true that there are eras when justice has been able to close down sites on the Dark Web -here we have the case of Silk Road, the eBay drug site-, but it is almost impossible to trace the site, where it is very easy not to leave clues, and it is not difficult to enter, but always at your own risk for the content it contains. To give you an idea of what is 100% occupied by the Internet, Google, Bing and company. It can only display about 4-5%, so we’re talking about 95-96% of content that we’ll never see on the web and typically use on a daily basis.

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